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Exotic Garden Furniture by 3 Euro Plast


Summer vacation has arrived, Recently 3 Euro Plast, has added a few pieces of modern furniture collection to the garden of their collections. Garden collection consisting of arm chair, table or containers, sofas and sun loungers all boast comfortable soft curves so you can enjoy more time relaxing with family and for modern conveniences. Continue reading »

Sakura Furniture All in one position by the Post + Beam

2 An Eye catching Seating Collection of Intriguing Shapes: Sakura

A collection of furniture from the Post+Beam is “Sakura”, Furniture is an All-in-one because it can be placed on outdoor decoration as well as in the section house. Colors that look eye-catching and fluid lines make it so luxurious and comfortable for the view. The materials used to manufacture furniture Hydropass Sakura is woven with a modular system featuring support, tables, chairs, sunbathing, and beds. The chair can also be in the form of relaxation in four positions, and the pieces can be put together to form a straight-lined or curved lounge suite. Each of the four designs, from full upright to full lean. Continue reading »

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