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Reinvented Samurai HOUSE comes to life

House S - "Samurai House"

House S between bamboo, pine and zelkova trees - photo © Daici Ano

Sitting in what was once a samurai residence is a very tranquil yet modern looking house known as the House S. This home was designed by a Japanese firm called Keiji Ashizawa Design. It is located in a quiet residential area in Tokyo amidst tall pine and zelkova trees. All the greenery surrounding the area paved the way for much of the house’s design. Pocket gardens were situated on each floor of the house, bringing in the greenery from its surroundings. The huge landscape that flank the surroundings provide shade and privacy as well. Continue reading »

Cypress Outdoor Furniture by Edwin Blue


There will be a lot of benefits that you should consider if you can have a Cypress Outdoor Furniture by Edwin Blue. Blue is the vision of Edwin furniture with a modern concept of the handmade and reflect the mood. It is pretty obvious by looking at the material used by the furniture that is using Cypress ballast timber. Continue reading »

Exotic Garden Furniture by 3 Euro Plast


Summer vacation has arrived, Recently 3 Euro Plast, has added a few pieces of modern furniture collection to the garden of their collections. Garden collection consisting of arm chair, table or containers, sofas and sun loungers all boast comfortable soft curves so you can enjoy more time relaxing with family and for modern conveniences. Continue reading »

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