Art Artistic Decor Holland Park Mews

artistic home living room interior

Simplicity and elegance clearly present in the artistic decoration of the room in Holland Park Mews, has become a necessity for modern design to enforce all aspects of sophistication in the multi-function equipment that can facilitate the residents and ultimately provide many benefits. Continue reading »

6 wall decor collection this month

Often many people forget his wall decorations neighbor, because it is too focused by almost the entire room, one wall of a small furniture such as lamps or wall shelfs can easily be used to give each room a new look or even touch the amazing. Some images require hardware to be able to connect to the wall while others just as a stick. The following is a 6 home wall decor collection that might inspire you:

The Hunter by Godspeed

Godspeed awesome design shown by the so-called “Hunter”. At the top of the head resembling a deer, coatrack part, “Hunter” made from salvage wood and shaped like a real deer antlers.

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