Warehouse Transformation Ignites Sense of Belonging and Family-Friendly Feel

Windsor Warehouse Residence by Made by Cohen Warehouse Transformation Ignites Sense of Belonging and Family Friendly Feel

Susie Cohen of Made by Cohen takes on just a handful of projects each year, allowing herself to be creative instead of overworked. We just presented one of her works – this cozy private residence – and now it’s time to dive deeper into her magnificent universe with another stunning interior design project: the Windsor Warehouse Residence. This is actually the home she purchased after having her first child and it seems immersed in comfort and dripping coziness all over. A great accent placed on simplicity and grace led the designer’s eye for detail towards a career in this field of interior design with her own home as the first project – a complete warehouse transformation. Continue reading »

Furniture Design Collection UFO Space

Much has been debated about the existence of UFO’s outer space, but it is actually pushed some furniture designers to mimic the design of the UFO Outer space, this Furniture There are some who are also inspired by the Alien and industrial designers time and time again and this is reflected clearly in their work . Based on recent observations, there are several UFO’s Furniture Design Collection Space design enough to get out of this world :

The Waterproof UFO Lamp by Simon Bruenner

Courtesy of Furniture Fashion

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5 Architecture Collection of the best buildings this week

This is a collection of 5 best architectural designs this week :

1. Transparent buildings Contemporary artists :

Architectural Design buildings that are used to the idea of ​​asking the competition Malkovich Atelier studio making innovative and functional designs for most contemporary artists. that must be addressed in changes to both their role in society and the methods used when they work. Collection winning designs are built in a small pavilion with a typical scale of 1:02 – both building and model.