Spacious and Cozy Modern Armchair Defined By a Lightweight Structure

The Slow Chair by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec Spacious and Cozy Modern Armchair Defined By a Lightweight Structure

Envisioned by Paris-based brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, this cozy modern armchair named the Slow Chair provokes the mind and body to connect in a sensory experience. Boasting an ergonomic support ensured by a translucent knit stretched over the polished aluminum frame, the chair awakens the feeling of complete relaxation after having imposed a modern aesthetic respect. Comfortable, supporting and versatile, the Slow Chair delivers the promise of a slowed down world where modern design and relaxation impose a soothing rhythm. Continue reading »

Top Five Iconic Dining Chair Designs

Furniture designers rarely become as well-known as actors and actresses or the celebrities behind top selling fashion lines. However, their designs often accumulate popularity through the years, even after the designer has passed away. Some dining chairs have become icons, representing peaks in design history. These chairs are replicated by hundreds of companies each year, with originals selling for thousands of dollars at auction. Adding some of these iconic dining chairs to your home will add a touch of class that every guest will recognize when they enter. If you can`t afford the originals, a high quality reproduction will be just as good.

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