Submission Terms and Policy

HomeDesigNews welcomes submissions from architects, designers and others who would like to see their work published.

To increase the chances of getting your projects published on our website, you must agree to the following terms

Content Submission Terms

  1. – materials you submit must be of good quality and cover subjects of interest for our readers, such as architecture, interior design, object design, outdoors and landscaping, furniture design etc.
  2. – you must be the owner of all intellectual property rights of the submited content and/or you must have the legal rights to distribute the content for publishing on our website as well as on our facebook page at and twitter page at
  3. – we do not compensate rights for publishing any images, texts or other submited materials, but we will of course give credits, links and full copyright details where appropriate and if informed about such rights
  4. – by sending us the information/images/work and any related material that will be subject to publishing you admit that you have agreed to terms and conditions of copyright use and grant us permission to publish these materials on our site at as well as share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages stated above. We bear no legal responsibilities that might arise from the information/images/work sent to us
  5. – we are free to publish on this website and share on our Facebook and Twitter pages stated above any content that you submit to us in whole or partially, as well as reject any or all of the content we consider necessary
  6. – make sure you do not submit any content that might be considered abusive, obscene, illegal, libelous, defamatory or racist as we will not publish such content. If factually inaccurate, we will not be held responsible for its content if published and as soon as we will receive notice of such abuse we will remove all such content from our website
  7. – you are fully responsible for all content you submit to us and you accept liability for any actions legal or moral related to the content.
  8. – any comments and reviews posted on this website by you or other users do not necessarily reflect our opinions as we are not responsible or liable for any comment content submitted by you or anyone else.
  9. – as a user of the website, you agree to the fact that accepts no liability and provide no warranty of any kind that the contents and data published and/or shared will be correct, complete and up-to-date. Accordingly accepts no liability for any damage which may result from the use of website, including the download and use of files contained on the site


By sending any materials to us – such as texts, images, videos etc. – you confirm that you agree with the above terms as well as the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of!


To submit your work please pack your files (texts, images etc.) as a .zip or .rar archive and send it to


Content Submission Guidelines

– give your submission a meaningful title; this helps users get an idea of your project at the first glance as well as allow search engines better rank your project in their results

– provide a project description, so the readers better understand it

– a picture is worth a thousand words… so the more and better pictures you send, the better your project will be presented and valued by our readers

– please pack all the necessary materials – texts, images, videos etc. – in a .zip or .rar archive before sending