Aman New Delhi

Place Spa became an alternative for some people to indulge for a moment off fatigue from a busy there, there are interesting things found in the city of New Delhi is a place Spa located in the heart of the capital of India which is also the tallest hotel, offering a place of rejuvenation therapy spa This remarkable country is. In the city known as a dynamic area and is recognized as New Delhi, it never hurts to visit New Delhi Safe that provide respite sublime tranquility. Take refuge in the area of ​​Lutyens colonial environment, as he entered the modern lobby you will meet with the Mughals, Along the entrance you are in suguhi aroma of freshly cut jasmine flowers combined with bio natural conditioner. India has felt the touch of thick here and you can not go unnoticed: handmade carpets, jaali screen and provide a sense of aesthetics deco royal tradition of Indian cities.


Aman Spa Treatment Room


Not only there for a variety of cuisine on offer at the resort include tapas are waiting for you, and pan distinctive Kaiseki cuisine French Asia became a special dish. Of course, in Aman New Delhi, the spa takes center stage and world class facilities and treatments are the ultimate way to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Spa menu offers such as the eight-hour epic escape Solah Shringar, using the methods of Ayurvedic treatment and replicate features of the pre wedding rituals bridal jewelry. If that sounds like too long of a commitment of time, one can simply choose to soak in a bath spa bamboo are combined with rose petals floating. Safe Spa also features a studio based in India’s first hair stylist Kim Robinson celebrated, offering the concept of a highly innovative styling and impeccable service in an elegant studio.


Reflection pool

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