Small Living Room Ideas That Defy Standards With Their Stylish Designs

A small living room doesn’t have to be a game-changer when you’re decorating your home. Don’t think of it as just a tiny space in your home but as a challenge. Brighten up because there are tons of ways in which you can turn this issue into an advantage if you pick the right design.

Make a small living room feel more airy with large windows or, even better, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Adapt their design to the style you’ve chosen for the room. Make the most of the space available with the right type of layout. Continue reading »

A Desk for Selfie Lovers Called Narcissus by Sebastian Errazuriz

A Desk for Selfie Lovers Called Narcissus by Sebastian Errazuriz

Designer Sebastian Errazuriz continues his reign of creating unforgettable functional pieces that double as sculptures which also make you think. The latest is The Narcissus Desk, a desk that will let you gaze at your reflection all day long.

The desk’s inspiration came from a Caravaggio painting of Narcissus that Errazuriz remembers seeing with his father, an art teacher, as a child on a trip to Italy. The painting made him think about the idea that someone could stare at their reflection but not necessarily be aware that they were looking at themselves. In today’s times, with everyone’s obsession with selfies and being “our own perfectly edited online self”, we tend to forget about the real person that exists outside the screen. Continue reading »

Contemporary Architecture At Its Best: Modern Villa by Studio Smadar

Contemporary Architecture At Its Best:  Modern Villa by Studio Smadar

The design team at Studio Smadar has made it their mission to bring beautiful design to their clients. The villas featured here are at turns modern and rustic, cozy and sprawling, but each one is beautiful, unique and reflects both the talents of these designers and the personalities and tastes of their clients. Wide windows let in plenty of light during the day and make it look as though there is no end to the view. Creatively designed lighting makes it easy to enjoy the outdoor space day or night. Although the home only has one story, keeping with low furnishings from sofas to massive ottomans, everything seems taller and more spacious. The main color employed for the 100 square meter home was white, for a sense of purity and freshness. Light grey and pastel green were used as complementary hues. Accessories and art paintings make the space cosmopolitan and chic. Continue reading »

A Modern Treehouse Built Around an Oak Tree

A Modern Treehouse Built Around an Oak Tree

We’ve seen the magic that architect Andreas Wenning of German firm baumraum can make amongst the trees, and this particular treehouse finds itself wrapped around a large oak tree. The treehouse is situated 11 meters off the ground and offers a cozy retreat to sleep and relax when the homeowner’s want to get away.

It’s placed behind a residence and it’s accessed through the garage on the property. Peep the small window/door on the roof of the garage? Continue reading »

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