Lola Wood Light

Lighting fixtures have the capability of making or breaking one’s design.  Your home can look polished or completely wrong by means of a singular lamp.  The Lola Wood Light would look perfect in any design theme because of its sleek modern silhouette and material.

Constructed out of American Oak Veneer rolled to form its’ membranes, this droplight is a welcomed product different from all the usual lighting fixtures made of metal or glass.  The Lola’s somewhat large dimensions at 40 inches (101.1 cm) in diameter and 27.5 inches (70 cm) in height will surely make this a perfect accent piece stand out at any room it be suspended from.

This item is being sold by the Cool Hunter and retails for $1,300.00.  The material it is made from gives a warm Scandinavian feel to its’ characteristic.  Its’ design being sleek, modern and simple is what makes it impressive.  It will not only look good in a home but in public spaces such as an office or suspended on top of a conference table.  A composed grouping at various heights will make an interesting focal point as well.

Article by Marilen Faustino-Montenegro

Lola Wood Light

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