Concrete materials encountered in many of modern architecture, a little touch of confidence from Foscarini. presents a model that uses these materials with completely new technologies and innovative, shaped much like a funnel at a glance. Materials using a large scale to small suspension lamp, while for the interior making it an elegant product with a simple formality but still displays the beauty, light funnel is actually much inspired by the material world is always associated with construction.


Combining the needs and functions to obtain the dimensions of a very thick, detail from a smooth surface with a characteristic viscosity and lack of flexibility of the concrete is the biggest challenge in developing this funnel light. The result is achieved thanks to the use of a special amalgam, which uses a fluid in a mold and produce a rough surface but very soft to the touch, as enhanced by a transparent layer.

Full of confidence is evident in the form of this lamp, direct lighting makes it ideal for tables, peninsula, counters, or even in the composition. It comes in three colors are soft, fits perfectly with the characteristics of the room: the classic gray of rough concrete, which gives the depth of the volume, for an elegant white or warm, intense chocolate. This is a color that is perfect, whether in harmony or contrast to all environments, both in the home or contract.





SourcePaolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere


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