Cinimod Studio _ DJ Light _ lowres-0247

DJ Bubble Lamp is a sound and light installation that fused to give the power to regulate the performance of the amazing light and sound in large public spaces for visitors. It is created by the developer Cinimod Studio for energy company Endesa as the foundation of their Christmas celebrations in Lima, Peru.

The installation itself consists of 85 giant ball of light, each capable of displaying millions of colors themselves. As a DJ who assumes the position lights on the podium as the leader of their movement, they can use their weapons to the point and movement. These movements are translated in real-time to the movement of the beautiful and light and generative sound across space.

Cinimod Studio _ DJ Light _ lowres-0065

Cinimod Studio _ DJ Light _ lowres-9337

Cinimod Studio _ DJ Light _ lowres-0017

Cinimod Studio _ DJ Light _ lowres-0089


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