It can take a while to warm up to the idea of having exposed bricks in the house but once you get to see how charming they can look, you start looking for more ideas. There are plenty of ways for you to take advantage of such an accent detail. Try an exposed brick backsplash for the kitchen, a brick fireplace wall or a brick fence for the garden. More inspiration coming up!

Whitewashed brick walls for the exterior.

Want to maintain an old building’s charm while giving it a modern touch up? Whitewash the exterior brick walls. You’ll get a brand new look while preserving the history and the original character.

A simple way of keeping the landscape in line while updating the design

Residence hallway.

Greet your guests with a charming hallway design featuring exposed brick walls and perhaps even a wooden ceiling. You’ll get a rustic and inviting look with plenty of character, a look that will last for years to come and will only become more charming.

Traditional entrance hall with a rustic vibe and beautiful lighting

Painted hallway.

A hallway similar to the one we’ve just presented can look a little bit more modern and fresh if you paint the walls. The texture will, of course, offer it a warm and rustic look but you have more freedom when choosing the color palette.

Long and narrow hallways need a light design and this colors suits the walls wonderfully


Columns are typically regarded are inconvenient features in any space, whether it’s large or small. Yet they necessary in order to support the structure. This means we have to find ways to make them aesthetically pleasing. One solution is with exposed bricks. This way a column becomes an accent feature for the décor.

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