Kitchens are a critical part of a home, both in living in a home and selling/buying. What is more, the design of the kitchen countertops plays a huge role in the appeal of a kitchen – what material was used, how easy to maintain, how they look, how they hold up, and many more considerations are all aspects when thinking about kitchen countertops.

While granite has been the obvious choice for durable luxury in kitchen countertops over the past decade, there are so many other countertop options available today that we’re going to sidestep granite and look at other popular countertop materials.

So, without further ado, here is a guide to the top 10 Most Popular Kitchen Countertops Today. We hope you’ll find the photos inspiring and the information useful.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops.

The past couple of years have seen a distinct trend toward the use of concrete in a variety of ways in the home, and kitchen countertops are no exception. Concrete countertops are durable and, if sealed correctly, are pretty scratch- and heat-resistant. They can be customized for shape, color, and texture, which is a bonus. Concrete countertops are particularly heavy, however, so require substantial support by lower cabinetry; they also can be stained and/or damaged by acidic substances (think lemon juice).

Quartz Kitchen Countertops.

One of the best alternatives to granite countertops is factory-engineered quartz. It is similar in look, is sturdy and durable, and is stylishly versatile in a variety of kitchens. Quartz is a hard, long-lasting substance and its glossy surface is easy to clean with mild soaps. …read more

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