This guest room was carefully thought of with bathrobes, towels, water bottles, snacks and even reading material


It’s in our culture. We love to entertain or to crash into friends and relatives homes. Providing an awesome experience for your guest should be complimented with a relaxing guest bedroom. You may not always have enough space for them but creating an ambiance of comfort is all you need to be a fantastic host. Here are a few tips:

Give them a bed you would actually be comfortable sleeping on.

Fresh smelling linen guarantees better sleep. I’ve stayed with relatives, that didn’t bother to change the sheets for me, I was appalled! Even if your guest room hasn’t been used in awhile, the linen can still smell of dust or mildew.
Provide freshly washed sheets, and go the extra mile by spraying it with lavender water, or any linen spray you might have. Be hygienic by throwing pillows into the dryer or having them cleaned. I like using antibacterial and mite resistant pillows, and have thrown away old ones made of foam or filler.

Test the bed mattress yourself. Check for bed mites and other foul odors. Thin bed mattresses that you can drape over an original bed mattress can be bought for instant comfort. Air mattresses are fine for young guest, and those staying for a few nights.

Make sure the room and bathroom are clean. Cleaning it two weeks ago won’t cut the deal. Dust and cob webs accumulate in days.

Make the room guest friendly.

Remove unnecessary furniture and equipment that will make the room crowded. Clear some closet space for the guest so that they can unpack their belongings. Provide hangers for their clothes, and clear tops of dressers and tables for personal items. Provide a night lamp by the bed and even a flashlight or hall light if they have to walk down the hallway to the bathroom at night.

Decorate your guest room with a purpose by providing a clock, some artwork and a mirror they can use when dressing up. Make sure windows are covered with the proper window treatment for privacy.

Notice the welcome basket at the foot of the bed

Notice the welcome basket at the foot of the bed - PHOTO CREDIT: HGTV.COM

It doesn’t matter who your guest is. They will surely appreciate your efforts to make them feel at home. Your guest room is a reflection of who you are. A sloppy guest room made without effort spells a lousy home keeper too busy for her own family.

Article by Marilen Faustino-Montenegro

A welcome basket i put together for my guest

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