This gorgeous “White House” lies in La Rochelle, France and was renovated by Studio Pierre Antoine Compain. The name of this residence accurately describes its interior. The main element that defines this house is the central axis, a separate area made of glass that goes up through all the levels of the building to the roof.  With a large rooftop window, this central atrium spreads natural light all over the house.

The glass partitions reflecting light combined with the white walls bring a sense of freshness and make the place look tidy and clean. The ground floor includes an open kitchen, which is furnished according to the rest of the space, and a living area. The kitchen island has a small table attached to it and four bar stools around it. The medium toned wood floor enhance the feeling of a warm, welcoming space.

If you watch carefully through the glass floor, you will discover an office area and a chance to prove your creativity, or just the opportunity to work from home (if your job allows it). As you can see, the office is in the basement and has no outside windows, but is strategically situated at the top of the central atrium and has access to natural light.

Starting with the first level, a glossy fuchsia storage closet which covers an entire wall creates a bold contrast, evoking luxury in the same time. If you want to get to the top floor, you can use the wooden spiral staircase.

The next level hides a second workstation that looks more like a small library (the first workstation is situated between the main floor and the first level). Here you can enjoy some time …read more

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