Most of us would agree that historic homes are fascinating. It’s remarkable, isn’t it, the way that doorways were shorter, hallways narrower, and rooms themselves were all around smaller “back then.” It’s one thing to walk through a historical home and imagine life living there; it’s quite another thing altogether to actually be living in one. If this idea appeals to you, or if you’re already enjoying the quirks of a historic home lifestyle, you might find the following article interesting.


A historic home (also known as a period house) can be one of several different things, including being simply a stately home, the birthplace of a famous person, or a house with an interesting history or architecture. Taking this a step further, the historic society requires that, to be officially “historical,” a house must have sufficient age, a relatively high degree of physical integrity, and historical significance. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be loosening up the definition a bit by going with a stately home with historically significant architectural details.


Pure Historical Aesthetics.

It’s hard, if not downright impossible, to argue the aesthetic draw of a historical home. This is probably the most gratifying benefit of living in one. They are detailed, unique, and – bonus! – have withstood the test of time.

Healthy Doses of Character & Charm.

This is a priceless advantage of choosing a historic home to live in; you’re granted immediate charm and appeal simply because the home is from a distinctly separate era. It’s hard to replicate this, which is what makes historic homes so desirable.

Unique & Detailed Architecture.

Although historic houses have similarities in architecture, including columns, porches, trimmings, etc., they were built long before …read more

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