Give Your Home a New Look by Rearranging Furniture and Accessories

Creating a new look for your home need not be costly and tedious.  Anyone can make things look brand new with a few simple steps.  Makeovers don’t always entail a full blown renovation.  A room can look completely different with these simple strategies.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Once you take time to sit back and study the shape and space of your area, you will realize that there is often more than just one possibility to arrange the composition of your furniture.  There are two ways to go about this simple makeover.  The first way is to go through the whole process.  Measure the total area of your room and translate it into paper.  From here you can sketch and play around trying different options of arrangement.  The second option would be to simply put away all accessories and small objects to make room for physically arranging and moving of the actual pieces around.  Trial and error is often the key as you will only see what works once you try it.

A bed that was against a certain wall will make a dramatic difference by placing it diagonally against a corner, or by moving it against another wall in the room.  Living room furniture can be made to float in a room instead of having them set against one side.  Going for diagonal composition instead of straight and structured orientation can make things look more interesting.

Change Simple Accessories like Throw Pillows, Artwork and Lamp Shades

You can change the whole theme and ambiance of a room by changing simple accessories.  Once you grow tired of how your area looks, rip things down to its most basic form and play dress up.  Take all throw pillow covers away. Remove art work from walls, empty table tops and shelves of tiny accessories.  You may even want to remove lamp shades so you can achieve a total transformation.  Once you have things stripped down to basic and void of color you can pick a new color scheme and theme for your new look.

Simply using new pillow cases, art work and accessories can make things look totally different.  You may want to try an Asian theme instead of your Modern set up.  You can also purchase lamp shades from stores in a different color and shape, or even add embellishments like jewels and stones to your existing one.  Most lamp shades can also be painted on so you can add stencil, stripes, or simply paint the whole canvass with a new striking color.

Article by Marilen Faustino-Montenegro

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