Fennell Residence- "The Floating House"

A very unique home in shape and form sits along the Willamette River in Portland Oregon. The family turned to Robert Oshatz who is known for his organic approach to architecture.
This summer retreat house has an area of 2,364 sq. ft. and resembles the contours and ripples of water. Curved and intricately glued laminated wood beams make up this house’s organic form.

Fennell Residence- "The Floating House"

The entrance


One side of the home is built with glass and the curved wood around it seems like it actually embraces the river. Sunsets can be enjoyed from this view as it opens out to a deck overlooking the water.

Fennell Residence- "The Floating House"

A master bedroom sits on a loft type of structure allowing one to view the living and dining area below while gazing out into the river. The interior’s finish is made mostly of wood.

Fennell Residence- "The Floating House"

Floors used have a cherry wood color as its distinct characteristic. The furniture in the living room is made of deep brown leather and has very masculine silhouettes.

Fennel Residence- "The Floating House"

Dinning area

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