A type of bathroom sink that is playful and extraordinary was designed by company Eumar from Estonia. The company’s vision states: “The Bathroom – Escape your everyday problems! Relax! Enjoy the peace and quiet! No matter, what size your bathroom is, its design can still be beautiful!

Cast marble, 72 kg, antibacterian and hight light resistence

The colours of you interior play a decisive role and will make your bathroom appear more fruitful! No doubt, the most commonly used object in your bathroom is the washbasin. It plays a significant role and should therefore be modern, appealing, easy in use, and durable. “

This waterfall sink looks like a glacial white ceramic that spirals down the span of your bathroom wall. It requires no catch basin or floor drain as water actually slides down by gravity to a floor drain below. This concept not only adds interest and a twist of youthfulness to your design, it actually allows you to see the amount of water you use, hopefully encouraging people to use less and conserve our earth’s natural resource.

Abisko means a free and moderate treatment of water, without drain pipes and others unnecessary details around.


Article by Marilen Faustino-Montenegro

Images by Eumar


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