The company ALIZIA COLLECTION SRL was found in 2008 in Verona, Italy. Verona is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world and home of Romeo and Juliet. Being a young company, “ALIZIA COLLECTION” promptly gained popularity among Italian, French and other European designers and architects. Due to the combination of modern design and creativity, with excellent quality and reasonable price, Alizia Collection became a well known European brand.

Production of non-standard size of the mosaic


The company’s experts have studied and worked at the factories which produce the most famous Italian glass mosaic for many decades. Maintaining the traditions of centuries-old production of the mosaics by Italian masters, the company “ALIZIA COLLECTION” creates a unique collection of glass mosaics that meets the needs of the Clients with most expectations.

The size of standard tiles in mosaic 10x10, 15x15, 20x20 guarantees full detailed images and design of any curved surfaces


Glass mosaic ALIZIA COLLECTION can be used to create mosaic panels as well as three dimensional decorative and art objects of any size and shape. Technology of artistic stowage plays a significant role in design and allows to achieve excellent results: by splitting unnecessary pieces and parts, each tile can get its unique and special shape. By using two-part white glue, which does not ruin the look of mosaic, mosaic panel can be laid out on any surface.

Ready mosaic matrixes from the standard sizes to art panels

Polychromatic color palette and a variety of shades


For customers interested in buying wholesale products from our company, you can order our catalogue that includes every possible position and sample of mosaic. The catalogue is free, but you will have to pay the shipping costs. If after receiving the catalogue you are interested in working with us we will give you a discount in the amount that you have paid for shipping costs.

Also, we are always ready to offer special delivery terms and provide discounts to our loyal customers.

Unlimited service life

Wide price variety of mosaics: from economy to premium class

Unique water and sunlight resistance (UV-radiation)

Smooth and relief mosaic with addition of 24-karat yellow and white gold

A mosaic of gold can be a real jewel in your apartment or house

Gold is a mosaic squares of different sizes. The surface of the tile can be smooth or wavy

Gold is often used and is still used in the decoration of houses

The material of a glass mosaic has continuous structure and is not a subject to influence of germs and bacteria

Mosaic is an ideal material for furnish of any pools and premises with high humidity

High heat resistance - up to +145С and great cold resistance, up to -35C

We produce all the murals and mosaics on the individual customer's design

Resistance to aggressive cleaners and abrasive wear allows to use a mosaic as covering material for table-tops and all working surfaces

Production of mosaic panel according to any materials or design of the customer, transfer of pictures and photographs, mosaics, 3D panel production


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