Oz residence, Silicon Valley, California

The whole concept has an open plan and resembles the letter L. Images © www.swattmiers.com

A young couple with two children resides in this beautiful home located in Silicon Valley, California. The 2.8 acre of land was the perfect setting for this beautiful house designed by Swatt Miers. The lush landscapes and subtle slopes of the property add characteristic and purpose. 

"It captures the essence of casual California living with open planning, rich natural materials and strong visual connections to beautiful gardens designed by landscape architect Ron Herman" © Swatt & Miers Architects

The couple wanted a resort type of home, wherein they could go about barefoot and just relax. The whole concept has an open plan and resembles the letter L. The two wings of the house are joined together by a great room.

The Oz Residence in Silicon Valley, California

Two-story great room joins the family and the sleeping wings. Images © www.swattmiers.com

The structure proves to be quite modern in design with a lot of wood and contrasting white concrete as exterior finish.  Large wooden framed glass windows make this home more attractive.

The great room has mahogany boards and is fully glazed on two sides. Images © www.swattmiers.com

A lot of reddish wood can be seen in the interiors. Railings are made of metal and glass, keeping up with the homes modern tempo. Furniture was kept sleek with the use of metal legs and white clean upholstery.

Oz house, Silicon Valley, California

The combination of reddish wood and white upholstery gives us the feeling of "elegant cabin". Images © www.swattmiers.com

Orange accent pillows add life to the living room, while a colorful abstract painting acts as the perfect accent piece.

Colorful abstract painting acts as the perfect accent piece. Images © www.swattmiers.com

A striking kitchen in white lacquered cabinet panels complete the homes statement look. Lighting fixtures used are very modern and are small and recessed in to the wooden ceiling.

Elegant white lacquered cabinets into the kitchen. Images © www.swattmiers.com

A beautiful swimming pool completes the outdoor experience. Its outdoor wood planks make the perfect contrast to the perfectly manicured lawns.

the Oz residence, Silicon Valley, California

Beautiful landscape and calming shadows over the swimming pool. Images © www.swattmiers.com

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