A home perfectly adapted to suit a casual and relaxed lifestyle and a space meant to make anyone feel at home – this is how we can describe this loft at first sight. And we wouldn’t be wrong. Located in the Downtown Arts District of Los Angeles, the apartment has a total surface of 3,500 square feet (approximately 325 square meters), which makes it a very spacious home by most standards.

The apartment is occupied by Scott Jarrell and Kristan Cunningham, the owners of the Hammer + Spear store so it’s no wonder they turned it into such a charming space. Although not particularly glamorous or eye-catching, everything inside has character. It’s also obvious that the occupants are DIY enthusiasts.

There’s a very nice and casual look throughout. For example, we really like these folding chairs in the living room. They’re not your usual type of furniture but they actually look perfect here. They suit the relaxed and playful mood.

This diversity of styles is best seen in the living area where there’s a mixture of modern, vintage and industrial features. This multitude of different influences was created over time. As the couple moved from place to place, each time they selected their favorite pieces and tool them with them in their new home.

The loft has a casual look and serves as a space to entertain and host guests. It’s hard not to fall in love with it when everything fits in so perfectly, even the pool table. It’s obviously a collected and personal style.

But it’s not exactly all fun all day long. The apartment also serves as a workspace. …read more

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