When you start the quest of designing your bathroom in the contemporary style, you first need to ask yourself a series of questions such as “what exactly

A rectilinear design is easy to create when to break everything down to basics

One of the defining characteristics of contemporary bathrooms is the open space

You can create the illusion of space with mirrors, glass walls and minimalist amenities

No matter what your style is, you should always make your bathroom feel inviting

Use built-ins to save space and to reduce clutter in the room

First of all, what you need to know is that any contemporary space is defines by clean and simple lines. In contemporary bathrooms, you should look to create unbroken horizontal lines and to avoid curvy, undulating planes. Try a stripped-down approach. Another defining feature should be the lack of clutter. Everything should have a designated place, tucked out of the way.

Contrast is important but so is cohesiveness. A balance between these is ideal

Elements like floating vanities and glass showers can make the room seem larger

Celebrate basic materials in out-of-the-box ways for a unique look

In a spacious bathroom you have the liberty of better organizing the room

It’s important to create harmony between the layout and the actual décor

The contemporary style is a celebration of materials and everything should look authentic.

1. Don’t try to hide wood behind fake finishes and don’t try to alter the materials. Instead, think of how you can make them stand out and how you can create contrasts with them.

2. You can add …read more

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