Tea Table


Have a ripple effect on your Tea Table is likely to be interesting, this is a try at the show by two Korean designer Hanna Jeonghwa Seo and Chung. Tea table is specially designed to withstand thin puddle of water on its surface so that when the plate is placed at one end, surrounding water will be disrupted to the point of the ripple effect reaches end of Tea Table.

Seo is an alumnus of designer metal art & design graduates of Hongik University in Seoul, while Chung is an alumnus, visual communication design graduate from the University Kyoungki in Suwon, they both explained that this Tea table given the fact that globalization will shape the future of the world economy, understanding more to the area’s culture and cultural differences is an important factor determining market success. Tea table uses material from the ash, plywood and pottery, with Zenlike structure is available only if there is a request only.

Tea Table with Ripple Effect
Tea Table

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