Results Reflection by nature can be realized in a chair form, Martín Azúa has done it all. seats that can sustain life in harmony between both vegetable and animal characters. Azúa explore the integration of natural processes in everyday life in the form of an object.

Azúa Martín is a researcher, who began his research in 1999, with the first project of Natural Finish, when he created an urn made ​​of porous ceramics in the bed of the river, which allows him to collect a natural stain. These objects on display in the exhibition Open Borders, supported by Droog Design. lapse of some years, precisely in 2003 in an exhibition Neorrural, he again presented a series of objects, including nest building, shadow and texture biocolonizable hunting. Plus Adobe’s workshop, which took place in San Pablo Ceu in Valencia, a variety of materials for construction, with the aim of which is inhabited by small animals, which is conceptualized as well as in visual form. In 2006, the exhibition Flod discussed about natural strategies to grow and build their own. With its installation in the forest of memory IKEA products he imagined a natural origin of everything that surrounds us. In 2007, for the first time, he created a cave SED technology in the pavilion of Expo Zaragoza. In 2008 was the culmination of his career because he received an award in architecture FAD transients for installation in the evolution of species, a project for Roca company, to bring the design cave-like bathroom, where technology and nature collide. With his latest work is “Nature seat inner life” he claims the integration of natural processes in everyday life in the pour in the object.


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