Currently the biggest threat to the earth is global warming caused by Pollution and the greenhouse effect has caused many problems in nature, one of the most serious was the loss of natural ecosystems such as mangrove forests on the beach. This ultimately encourages designers Adam Krehbiel of Veraseri Designs to find a solution to this problem that recently designed the chairs and sold for $ 12,000, mostly to go to an organization involved in the conservation of the earth.

These chairs seem unusual to use both natural and artificial materials such as yellow pine wood, steel pipes, natural resin and sand. More than 90% that use recycled materials, this shows once again that creative minds can use almost anything and get amazing results. Apart from the artistic point of view, the chair can also be used to add a personal touch to the room and also raise awareness on serious issues disappear from the face of the earth’s ecosystems. This is the style of Mangrove Tree, but they look very real and the good who do not believe this is actually created by humans.

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