Baud Furniture Collection Baud Furniture Collection   inspired by  the purifying waves

No doubt that the work of Vito Selma has created a different atmosphere than a few artistic pieces of furniture that he called Baud. Carrying the wavy line design which is set for wooden furniture is a form of unlimited imagination, stimulating a sense of ease to fill your vacation. With two distinct features to keep furniture in harmony with the natural elements of solidness and smooth. This is a series of interesting furniture line inspired by the swirling waves. This all is dedicated to giving awards to nature.

Each side of the furniture looks stunning with plenty of wood to use instruments that support the overall design, produce fantastic seats and tables. Braud is a blend of modernity with the shape and the lines meander. Materials used in contemporary seating units and glass table with pieces of furniture back into the present.

Baud Furniture Collection 3 Baud Furniture Collection   inspired  by the purifying waves


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