The pattern of the sofa in general always look monotonous with the same form in almost all designs, it is encouraging designers Mauro Lipparini to create something new and never been there before, Free Form Sofa curve is created for the furniture company italian origin Saporiti. The shape of the great designs and platforms that support a sofa and chairs, freely can be easily configured, and flexible in form and structural components to enable varying levels of comfort and various uses, it also became one of the hallmarks of the design factors couch this. The material used varies from fabric, leather decorated using by Foglizzo, for the exclusive use of the material fabric of Saporiti. In the table, too, shape, and surface finishing can be completely customizable. Their surfaces can be made in wood or lacquer and can be decorated with delicate designs and patterns, made ​​with traditional techniques such as wood or precious metals, but also with innovative metal, such as steel, aluminum and titanium to make the end result to be perfect.










Source – Mauro Lipparini & Saporiti Italia.

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