Dc09 Dining Chair by Inoda + Sveje

This sleek and organic looking dining chair is one that manifests great wood work and concept with regards to design.  Made of elegant dark wood, this piece of art somewhat spells retro but truly depicts Scandinavian design with a modern twist.  The trim and graceful lines of the chair depict its’ feminine traits while the dark wood spells masculine.  This perfect combination makes this chair easy to use in most type of interior design themes and spaces. 

Dc09 Dining Chair by Inoda + Sveje

The DC09 was developed by Inoda+ Sveje Design Studio’s geniuses comprising Kyoko Inoda, born in Osaka in 1971, and Nils Sveje, born in Denmark in 1969.  Their design studio was founded in Copenhagen in 2002 and re- located to Milan in 2003.  The chairs are manufactured by a Japanese chair and cabinet company called Miyazaki and is produced in teak, ash or Indonesian rose wood.

Article by Marilen Faustino-Montenegro

Dc09 Dining Chair by Inoda + Sveje detail

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