Supporting children’s learning process in a period of growth is a must for every parent, because this can determine the child’s development for the better in the future, recently a French designer Guillaume Bouvet has completed the design of the table children can adjust some positions in accordance with their needs. In one position, magnetic board serves as a canvas for creativity, or fold under the board which can be converted into a desktop, suitable for reading, writing, drawing, crafts and puzzles. Desktop itself is adjusted, take the kids from toddlers to teens, one for all in an ultra-functional design.





via trendir

One thought on “AZ Kids School Desk by Guillaume Bouvet

  1. Ola! Ethan,
    On a similar note,, Rectangles are replacing squares in school desks in today’s classrooms, a reflection of the changing styles of education. Visitors to a school of the 2009 era would be surprised at the vast array of desk styles that make its classroom more functional. The connected, structured models that have a dedicated spot for supplies are gone by the wayside. “That is so yesterday,”
    BTW great blogpost

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