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There is the excitement of making a long-desired change in your house, the time spent making decisions and researching trustworthy contractors, and the stress and worry when something inevitably goes wrong or takes a week longer than you anticipated. Of course this rollercoaster pays off and you get a renovated kitchen or an extra room to enjoy, but you still have to survive the process. Here are some ways to get organized for a remodel so you can stay sane:

  1. Make a game plan!

    Whether you will be completing your remodel yourself or hiring a contractor to tackle it, the first step is to get a realistic idea of how much time and money everything will take. A limited budget might mean you will end up compromising on some things, and its better to know that ahead of time as opposed to when you’ve already blown through most of your allotted money. This way you can make better decisions and will have more control regarding what items you need to scrimp on. Make a list of key supplies and how much they will cost. Sitting down with a calendar is a good idea, too. Make sure to account for any vacations, holidays, or visiting in-laws before you get started.

  2. If you’re going to outsource, make sure you do your research!

    Nothing will ruin your dreams of an improved home like shoddy workmanship. If you have friends or family that have recently had home improvement work done, ask for recommendations. You should also ask your prospective contractor for past clients that you can contact regarding their work.  Ask if the contractor did good work, if there were any surprising charges, if all the contracts were held up, and if they would use the contractor again. You can also check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints, and make sure to check proof of licensure and insurance.

  3. Use this opportunity to de-clutter!

    Like any other big change, a remodel is the perfect time to reassess what you have in your home. Once your new kitchen is completed, are you really going to want to fill it up with your 15 mismatched old spatulas? Don’t show your old stuff any mercy; this is the time to get serious about cutting back! Plus, anything you choose to get rid of is one item less that you have to worry about storing and then unpacking when the time comes.

Try using this easy tips the next time you are about to tackle a home improvement project. With a little preparation and a lot of organization, you can get through your remodel with minimal stress.


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