This is one dream house for the children’s work DA Studio and AB Rogers, At first glance this looks like a house with a colorful rainbow with a secret door, slide the bridge floor with multi-colored spiral staircase to the air circulation inside. unique form of interior decoration as well as interactive. Stepping in from the streets much like walking in a fantasy of looking glass or cabinet frame.

On the inside there is a large sofa that is put on the main floor, purposely designed for children to play, sleep and even relaxing. As one of the things that stand out are moving vertically through the building, any new floor was informed by the colors of the spiral staircase at that level – red and yellow accent spilled out and inform the white space.

Amid the excitement, there are plenty of reasons common rhyme – equipment minimalist and functional cooking space animated by their surroundings, but still modern adult and somehow despite their settings. The beauty of this approach is a mixture of space-oriented adult and child friendly – no line drawn between one and another.


via – dornob

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