simple minimalist office interior

A simple concept that is applied to the interior design of a newly designed office by Elding Oscarson, many take advantage of the long room to the main decoration of the hall and focused on maximizing communication and access among employees.

There are two king-sized table with some chairs next to each other has a function as a space for meetings, as well as a set of tables serves as a reception area. Elding Oscarson creating the basic concepts of simplicity and minimalist, it is proven by the two stairs at the intersection of two walls as a gateway for the flow of people from the lower to the upper floor. open space as a metaphor for the imagination of the designer and allows employees who work there.

simple minimalist office room

minimalist office design ideas

simple minimalist office layout

simple minimalist office space

simple minimalist office space

simple minimalist office space

SourceElding Oscarson

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