Six Sense Resort

Alternative choice for a vacation one of them is here, Resort Beach Maldives become a good choice, because far from the bustle of the city and were on a small island. Exotic scenery because it is surrounded by turquoise water and white sand in the Indian Ocean, the calm sea water movement, and wave the tempting aroma of coconut trees and water from the air looks perfect to taste the spark of greatness in life is sure to refresh the mind and body. Being in a hidden place such as this provide an invaluable experience but even so you can still be free to surf to the latest information for each individual villa is equipped with high speed internet access and room karaoke. After browsing, you can relax yourself by swimming and feel the warm sea water, release your fatigue for a moment and then wash your body in the bathroom outdoors.

Maldives resort design

modern resort design

Six Sense Resort Photo

Six Sense Resort Photo


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