Many people today are understandably budget-conscious, but sometimes it is nice to pamper ourselves, or a friend. One or two luxury items can make a home feel accomplished and luxurious. We do not need a house filled with expensive items, but just a few pieces to reward ourselves for working hard and taking pride in our home.


One of the best ways to incorporate luxury is with linens, because not only can you visually admire these, but your sense of touch will be in for a treat as well. Egyptian cotton sheets and pillow cases at a 700 thread count are incredibly soft. 600 thread-count are just about as soft at half the price. It is like sleeping on a silk cloud.


Kitchen Items

If you enjoy baking or cooking, there are plenty of ways to pamper yourself with kitchen products. A really nice stand mixer is a baker’s dream, and while a bit pricey, is a great way to reward yourself for all of those hours slaving over a hot oven creating visually appealing and mouth-watering baked goods for family and friends to enjoy. If you are less of a baker and more of a chef, consider a really nice set of stainless steel pots and pans. These can bring your cooking experience to an entirely new level.



We always hear about beautiful crystal vases when we are talking about luxurious home items. This type of vase can literally become the focal point of a room. They are delicate and elegant and can be used to hold fresh cut flowers, or the vase can stand alone specifically for decorative flair.



A new, luxurious couch may be a bit much and if you have pets or kids, probably not a good investment. However, a single chair can work regardless of your family. A single chair that you splurge on can make a big difference in a room that you have grown bored with.



Is there really anything more elegant than a chandelier? One made of silver and crystals can fit into just about any decorating scheme and can turn a regular old room into a place of pure elegance. These are easy to install, so you can have nearly instant luxury.


Wall Art

Rewarding ourselves with a nice piece of art is both great for the home and the soul. Now, this art can be a painting, tapestry or even a really nice mirror. Choose a piece that fits into your color scheme because while you want to enjoy it, you do not want it sticking out like a sore thumb.


Tabletop Items

Sometimes a nice statue or a new set of really nice picture frames is enough to reward ourselves. For example, if you have had your eye on that vintage globe, splurge on it. This type of art can really fit into any decorating scheme and add plenty of luxury and personality to your room. You also do not want to overlook vintage books. If there is a vintage book that you have been wanting to get your hands on, why not pick it up? You can display this on a shelf or coffee table so that it pulls double duty as something to read, as well as a decorative element.


About the Author: Patrick O’Houlihan writes about anything interior design related, including red sheer curtains. He isn’t a big spender, but he does enjoy the occasional splurge.

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