Often many people forget his wall decorations neighbor, because it is too focused by almost the entire room, one wall of a small furniture such as lamps or wall shelfs can easily be used to give each room a new look or even touch the amazing. Some images require hardware to be able to connect to the wall while others just as a stick. The following is a 6 home wall decor collection that might inspire you:

The Hunter by Godspeed

Godspeed awesome design shown by the so-called “Hunter”. At the top of the head resembling a deer, coatrack part, “Hunter” made from salvage wood and shaped like a real deer antlers.


Warehouse Coat Hook by households

This versatile hook may be one alternative to hanging houses. “Shed” is a very versatile coat hanger functional, specially designed to store some of the items you need when entering or leaving the house, such as keys, purse, mail and gloves, all of them can you leave there. There are several color options including orange, white and gray.


Windmaker by Luc van Hoeckel

The form that was inspired by a cuckoo clock, analog fan designed by Luc van Hoeckel will blow you away. With the lifting of heavy, wooden fan began to blow and continue to freshen the air without electricity.


Florafil by Tania da Cruz

“Florafil” by Tania da Cruz serves as a decorative cover for your cable, turn them from an eyesore into a beautiful art wall so that the impression is always attached to your home.

“Florafil” made of flexible rubber material that looks like green grapes. The concept that was originally derived from the desire to add aesthetic value to the object attributes of conventional functional and unadorned.


Granny Wall Shelf by van Stokkum Beerd

Called “Granny“, Beerd van Stokkum have entered the classical tradition into contemporary products. Floating shelf is a nostalgic ode to grandmothers happy household. Graphic translation of the lace into the steel to create a stylish design that looks good in applying the interior style.


SNAKKES wall lamp by Daniel Benito Cortázar

Enlighten your mind and make sure important messages to get attention thanks to the Barcelona-based graphic designer, Daniel Benito Cortázar. “SNAKKES” is a light from the hip design collective Norway, Northern Lights. Described as a wall mounted LED light board serves as both bulletin board and intelligent wall lights. Amusingly shaped like speech bubbles, the design uses its own whiteboard markers.


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