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Modern Rooftop Apartment by Innocad, Manhattan, New York City, USA

Modern  Rooftop Apartment by Innocad, Manhattan, New York City, USA

Innocad has designed the interior of a rooftop apartment located in Meatpacking District, a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York city, USA. The rooftop apartment was remodeled to meet the needs of its new inhabitants. Innocad Architecture changed it functionally and enhanced the design by mixing European design and New York lifestyle and thus creating a fresh atmosphere. Materials and choice of colors represent both high quality standards and relaxed urbanity. Each room mirrors an immediate visual reference to the fascinating land and roofscape of New York City. The Heart of the apartment, a Marilyn Relief, defines the residential area. It is a functional and artistic attribute and also a tribute to this extraordinary city. Continue reading »

Unconventional Hong Kong House Makes The Garage Part Of The Living Space

This is a house located in Hong Kong, a place where space is always a problem. However, for every problem there is at least one solution. In this case, the architect responsible for the remodel of the house managed to turn the space into an open and airy home.

The 455 square meter house was restructured and remodeled by Millimeter Interior Design. It now features a split level design but, unlike other projects with the same approach, this one doesn’t feel divided. Instead, all the areas are connected. Continue reading »

Sharifi-Ha House

Iranian studio NextOffice was able to demonstrate the full extent of its talent with this Sharifi-Ha House project. Featuring a removable part to different exposures to light and spaces of incredible beauty, this house in Tehran unfolds in a series of images in the article. Continue reading »

AHNDA by Stephen Burks for DEDON

AHNDA by Stephen Burks for DEDON

When you first spot the DEDON name, you automatically associate that with outdoor furniture, but after 25 years, they decided to try a new approach. They brought on designer Stephen Burks and what they came up with is an innovative, new kind of upholstery for indoors. The result is AHNDA, a lounge chair and footstool, with handcrafted, woven textile cords. Continue reading »

Colorful Iranian Architecture

Mohammad Domiri, young Iranian photographer and physics student, is passionate about architecture. He likes to capture the monuments of the Middle East, which is why most of his photoshoots are devoted to traditional large mosques. Geometric patterns, fascinating mosaics and swirling colors, the result, to discover later in the article, is breathtaking. Continue reading »

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