Starred Faucet Chrome by Bongio


In the modern era such as chrome faucets now a favorite for some people because of its elegant design and looks solid, like a faucet Bongio Sworovski from this luxurious, Spout is built to the plate, as well as in engineering specifically designed to the wall above your sink. Continue reading »

Brizo Faucet Golden Goose


If viewed from the appearance of this faucet was inspired by a goose that has the form of a truly elegant as the design of beauty and elegance. But the appeal of this faucet instead of just skin deep, but also on the function which has adopted modern technology. Continue reading »

High artistic Art Deco faucet by Brizo



Faucets with high artistic art presented by Brizo, the Project was originally much inspired by many of the Art Deco movement, Side elegance and modern luxury and is the most prominent of these faucets. There are two options with a touch of natural color, one of which is the Bronze Cocoa is also extremely attractive and gives a unique quality. Continue reading »