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SU House by Alexander Brenner Architects

SU House by Alexander Brenner Architects

Designed by Alexander Brenner Architects, this villa was build for an art lover and her family. This home named the SU House is the latest addition to the architects’ portfolio, the most detailed and elaborated one yet. Spreading over 640 square meter on a 2,125 square meter plot, the modern villa stirs up feelings of awe with its seamless connection to the outdoors.

Following the entrance hall the large dining table is placed below a two-storey void and lit by a skylight. The removable floor-to-ceiling glazing opens up at right-angle to the terrace, so that the inside merges with the roofed over outside in the summer months. The kitchen was designed as an eat-in kitchen. It works either as a closed space or thanks to the wide sliding door as a part of the whole. Continue reading »

Flair and Functionality Exhibited by Luxurious Family Retreat in Australia

architecture exterior1 Flair and Functionality Exhibited by Luxurious Family Retreat in Australia

This custom designed family retreat envisioned by Residential Attitudes and located in Bicton, Australia, makes the most of its setting, capitalizing on views while accomplishing that vital merge of flair and functionality. While the street facade has been crafted to offer a high degree of privacy, the opposite side of the house features full height windows with expansive views towards the central zen courtyard and the beautiful Swan River beyond. Stone, wood and glass make for an original exterior, one that inspires comfortable modern living and an overall welcoming feel. Continue reading »

Charming Possum Kingdom Lake Home Envisioned by Tracy Hardenburg 

Possum Kingdom by interior designer Tracy Hardenburg Designs Charming Possum Kingdom Lake Home Envisioned by Tracy Hardenburg

This modern Possum Kingdom Lake home by interior designer Tracy Hardenburg is filled with light, welcoming and refreshing. Expressing the owner’s personalities through the interiors she creates, Tracy discovered the potential of this Possum Kingdom Lake home and worked to make the family’s dream come true. Photographed by Pär Bengtsson, the home imagined by an interior design with more than twenty years of residential experience is welcoming and vibrant. Continue reading »

A Mix Of Smart DIYs And Vintage Character Adapted For A Casual Lifestyle

A home perfectly adapted to suit a casual and relaxed lifestyle and a space meant to make anyone feel at home – this is how we can describe this loft at first sight. And we wouldn’t be wrong. Located in the Downtown Arts District of Los Angeles, the apartment has a total surface of 3,500 square feet (approximately 325 square meters), which makes it a very spacious home by most standards. Continue reading »

Colourful and Light-Filled Duplex in Manhattan by Axis Mundi Design

Colourful and Light Filled Duplex in Manhattan by Axis Mundi Design

Light-Filled Duplex is a project completed by Axis Mundi Design. Filled with natural light, the living room feels larger and more open. The one-bedroom apartment covers an area of 675 square feet, and is located in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, New York City, USA. Surprising the viewer with a rich décor, the team responsible with the project focused on outlining the outstanding features of the space. Starting from the zebrano plank flooring, the Egg Chair, the glass coffee table and ending up with the spectacular chandelier, the flat looks “très chic”. The chromatic vibrancy pulsing throughout the home generates a strong positive energy, making the entire place glow. Astounding details, such as lively colored pillows, a modern fireplace, a cheerful rug and an arched window create a strong feeling of comfort and sophistication. Continue reading »

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