Recently a French furniture manufacturer Gautier, known by a variety of contemporary design and practical furnishings, presents a modern design for children’s bedrooms are called they call the Power, is distinguished by its original shape and design of high-tech furnishings. some of his collection includes practical furniture, beds, cabinets, desks, shelves, drawers, bookcases and commodes. in unusual shapes and modern designs. Space of Power is also equipped by the latest devices such as laptops, LCD plasma, and DVD player.

Carries the contemporary design and contrasting colors, this room is perfectly in line with the existing trend for now. The combination of Red and gray carrying a very dynamic and suitable to the taste boys. By adding a few options such as, storage drawer that slides under the bed, with mattress, also can be an extra bed. Board book shelves made ​​of melamine particles in light gray and gray metal. On the practical side, the extended 125-202 cm.

The number of storage options such as a complete wardrobe with drawer units and shelving systems. Study table formed elongated and deep. The chair is very comfortable to allow for a good seat time to learn. Seat structure is made of chrome steel, available in 2 color choices are blue or transparent. High chair can also be easily adjusted.


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