Bath is a unique one is the implementation of Japanese-style bath with inspirational ideas that come to the flower pots by creating a spa like atmosphere in the privacy of your home. For additional accessories you can use some scented candles or aromatherapy bath products from luxury and splurge on a tub that will rejuvenate all your senses. Bath Tub Copper pots using materials it looks like the right tool to indulge in some of my time. With the decorations on each side and tapered at the base and edge detailing. This soaking tub called ofuro if in Japan and is optimal for some comfortable soak.

  • Rick @ Home and Garden Decor

    I think this will make a great addition to the existing bathroom accents.
    I would use it as a flower pot to bring some greenery in the bathroom.
    This special design will for sure make a good eye catcher.