Shown in the front of the house is a way contrary to the surrounding environment that most of the covers herself with a big fence and guard booth is an open concept that is very beautiful. Alam Residence Family prefer to share the front yard through the fence is almost transparent and encourage the privacy screen in the facade that includes a new found relationship between indoor, outdoor and public or private. Acting perforated concrete wall facing the west will look like breathing brise-soleil, avoid overheating the skin of the building while the graphical abstract quality of light filtering and transformation of the space all day and night.

A planning form the letter “E” effectively manage the internal mass house creating two inner cavity which brings much light and air into the house through a good plan and section makes the incoming air circulation for the better. wide vertical glass around a courtyard in the generous use of skylights and opt out requirements for applying artificial lighting in the room including closet space during the day and have not created the constantly changing light conditions that activate the interior.

Interior of the house is a series of free flowing form of the building, space will grow continuously lifestyle, family support interactive. White ceiling of at least consistent in the general area to provide visual dominance with thick red prayer niche represents a family tradition with modern ways, thick yellow aquarium located in the heart of the dining-living, ‘rolling carpet’ dark wood staircase, borneo jungle wall of water abstracted with local natural stone, and a vertical garden in the yard. ”

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