A concept for the restaurant buildings driven by a site that was raised above an open meadow and is right at the edge of the woods. The tree house was much inspired by nature reminiscent of childhood dreams and play. Shape that resembles a cocoon to protect the butterfly, this tree house that we all dreamed as a child but could only do as an adult fantasy.

Access to up the tree using a tree-top adventure 60m is beginning to get started. The scale and form of a tree house-create memorable statement without dominating the setting. While it’s natural ‘organic’ shapes comfortably seated, the rhythm of the various materials which maintain a strong architectural statement. The verticality of the fins mimic the verticality of the red wood and allow the building to the natural ‘blend’ into that setting, as if the natural growth.

Located almost at an altitude of 10m to 12m, with a floor split level sitting 10m from the ground. Reels of wood forming the main structure. Fin curved glue-laminated pine, poplar plantations have been used for blades and red wood milled from the site used in balustrading road. Formed openings for windows by leaving spaces between the blades / fins that make the overall shape has not been given a variety of views and openness to the light and close to the rear. To loosen the regularity of the elements, arbitrary steel wrapped around the pod. Tying this up at the top and bottom have a greater sense of connection with trees.

It is designed to be resistant to weather, using acrylic sheeting fixed to the roof below the vertical fin with roll-down curtain in style cafe. Lighting is also an important component of the architecture because it can enhance and change the mood, the lighting is hidden in the road and up-lighting in a tree house.

A team of consultants working with architects, including fire and structural engineers, city planners and aborists to meet the functional and Building Code requirements.


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