Located on the west coast of Phuket, the site is set in undulating terrain of the island, away from established local businesses and tourism in remote private land. While commanding views of the Andaman Sea and surrounding hills, the site is also owned by a lush tropical landscape sensitive development established by the owner. “While the dream of a singularity of vision, Tierra Design for private residence in Phuket and landscapes embody the many contradictions look and feel; site, brief, experience and cultural typology.

The design reflects the combination of containment and spacious and the threshold in-between. ‘Z’ shaped form of the four buildings located in the middle of the site, creating a different experience of space. Development of real granite stone terrace wall were extended to weave and form arrival and a podium place to stay. With tall buildings, the front page made by the landscape, building height living room and wings.

Reflection pool entrance is overshadowed by the life span of the above, establish a threshold between the front page and the expanse of ocean beyond. Limestone wall insulation, with their expressive jointing pay tribute to the beauty and clarity of horizontal ocean horizon. Interpreting the typology of traditional Thai residential, with a separate pavilion, but having one unified whole, the wings of life (connected by glass-enclosed spiral staircase from the pool), is different from the complex. Linearity of the volume, the transparency of the glass enclosure, interior light and stone kitchen islands reinforce traditional attitudes expressed by the modern articulation.

The guest wing of two adjacent levels are separated by a terrace, is based on experiences connected to the front yard and the surrounding mountain landscape. Ocean views are deliberately limited by the framing of the ‘cage dress and screen identity. Separateness’ is part of the client brief to provide a private home in the house. Generous interior volume and equipped with stone floor and finely detailed walls and fittings.

Instead, the master wing is obscured from the entrance approach, firmly occupies panorama. Similarly, defined as a separate volume, master bedroom, study and facilities below are expressed as the degree of identity at the podium dressed limestone features. Veil dressed stone walls separate entry for clients and visitors and is expressed with a dark palette of wood and stone. Facilities also include separate living, living and kitchen facilities. A roof deck is accessed by a metal spiral staircase is open and the revelation of the identity of the site position in cape coast.

Once the field site, swimming pool and social space that step below, offers the privacy of entry but is open to ocean views. Swimming across the site and while generous in scale, which is clearly isolated in connection with the outcrop of rock sites and landscapes. From this perspective, the scale house to be easily visible and ‘beautiful cascading pathways suggest the discovery of the coast beyond. ”


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