outdoor pool firepit How to Create An Outdoor Oasis In Your Backyard

Want to create an amazing outdoor oasis in your back yard? Image Source: Ronneallightingsesign

The summer heat is pounding down on your shoulders, scorching your skin. You need an escape, but you need one now— one that doesn’t require a plane ride to a beach resort.

Why not look to your very own back yard? No matter how small, your back yard can be turned into an amazing outdoor oasis. Want to know how? There are numerous design elements that, when combined together, create wonderful outdoor escapes.

Let’s look at tips and tricks that will help you create the cozy retreat you crave. The end result will be an escape that you can use everyday — without the plane fare. In addition, read 11 Hottest Fresh Outdoor Trends in 2014 You Must See

Create an outdoor room with a covered patio. Image Source: EB Mahoney

Create A Relaxing Atmosphere In Your Backyard With Music

Atmosphere is everything. You want to feel like you are on vacation; you want a space that allows you to hide from the world (and pesky, prying neighbors).

Creating a relaxing oasis where you can unwind is an essential element to your back yard escape. In order to transform your yard into a relaxing retreat you should consider adding the soothing sounds of music. Imagine your favorite song drifting through the air while you sit and sip on a glass of Grigio.

There are numerous outdoor speaker systems that will bring your music outside. It can be as simple as one wireless speaker or as elaborate as an outdoor stereo system. There are even wireless, weatherproof speakers that disguise themselves as rocks! If a speaker system is not possible, then at least add a water feature that will help negate noise.

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