historic home Historic Homes and Why They Still Manage to Capture Our Hearts

Across the housing industry nationwide, more and more homeowners are opting to buy and restore a historic home over buying or building a new, modern, home. One might find it a bit curious that there would still be such interest in 100 year old objects in an age with unprecedented electronic connectivity and technological innovation, and yet it endures.

What is it about historic homes that has captured our hearts and our wallets? Even if you never thought of yourself as a fan of old homes, be prepared to fall in love with the magic and mystery behind these historic gems.

Source: Historic Edgewood Home Renovation via Pine Street Carpenters

Heartfelt Connections

Many believe the widespread interest in historic homes is simply the natural state of the human condition to strive to connect to our past. “I think it goes back to a basic human desire to feel connected to our roots.” says Elizabeth Finkelstein, founder of the curated historic house marketplace and fan club, Circa Old Houses.

The feeling of walking into an old house is an unmistakable sensation in itself. Elizabeth explains, “it’s as if you’ve suddenly become part of a larger story. It’s very powerful. You can honestly feel the love of the home that has come before you”. She thinks the popularity of historic homes arises from the fact that people crave a return to something more authentic and one-of-a-kind, in an age of fast fashion and fast food, filled with instant results.

Lisa Hassler, owner of Historic Homes of Cape Cod, explains that for her clients, the emotion is as genuine a love as there ever was. They truly care for the house and their connection to it is real and visceral. She has found that it is the character of the house and the historic home’s …read more

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