Dream house, 2011, approximately what kind of shape is in your mind, whether the same design house that was designed by architect  Bernardo Rodrigues Portuguese origin?

The house is located next to the northern island of Michael S. in the Azores. with the micro-climate of this farm offers a cool breeze and a bathroom so that the first design strategy is to block the wind and the wall, offering a variety of patio to relax and closed the page on the ground floor is protected from rain and open living space with all natural green around the glass walls recede from the outside.

At the top there are private rooms are more closed and protected. This topology design followed the almost classical Palladian plan and scamozzi center with double-height living room and then two lateral wings enclosing a kitchen, also citing high chimney of the popular residential architecture and interior patio is closed, and the other wing has a circulation for the first floor and into two wings terrace.These roof ends at the entrance of light from the south. The roof offers a view of the possibility of flight over all the islands north coast.


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