This is a collection of 5 best architectural designs this week :

1. Transparent buildings Contemporary artists :

Architectural Design buildings that are used to the idea of ​​asking the competition Malkovich Atelier studio making innovative and functional designs for most contemporary artists. that must be addressed in changes to both their role in society and the methods used when they work. Collection winning designs are built in a small pavilion with a typical scale of 1:02 – both building and model.


2. Jarson Residence at McDowell Mountains

Located in the McDowell Mountains make this house as a ship is considered a personal discovery with modern architecture and her two children. Graceful embrace fold topography of the desert wash.


3. Bella Sky Hotel sloping architecture by 3XN Architects

It is the largest hotel in the Nordic region by interpreting the theme as a whole as New Nordic Cool. Scandinavian approach to design their home, how they live, and then provide the best of traditions of our design for Bella Sky Hotel. Key word for us is simplicity, functionality and high quality, both in design and materials.



4. Ann Arbor District Library (AADL) by inFORM studio

The Ann Arbor District Library (AADL), a new branch library to serve the northeast quadrant of the city of Ann Arbor is a very comprehensive library with adequate facilities. This will be the third branch library built by the current administration since 2002 and will replace sq.ft. 4000 a branch library in a mall that is located along a commercial corridor nearby. Its location is also adjacent to the Traverwood Huron Parkway Drive.



5. Family Shelter in Všeradice by studio pha

The house is inspired by the proportion of traditional rural vernacular buildings that look beautiful without habitable attic space, ie without the need for windows to enter into the roof surface so that air circulation is excellent. Buildings are also designed without ribbands, only with the help of steel beams. Similarly, the slope is used to divide the house into two parts.

via – archdaily

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