Basque Culinary Center, Spain

1 basque culinary center

Photo © Fernando Guerra / Ultimas Reportagens

The Basque Culinary Center was in search for the perfect place to set up school and was enamored with the natural beauty at a piece of land in San Sebastian. This is located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay in Northern Spain. It’s splendid view and awesome atmosphere is what lured the school into building on its grounds.  Continue reading »

Chilean sustainable beach house


Photo © Crisobal Palma

A well conceptualized beach house sits on top of a hill in Tunquen, Chile. This beach house has a spectacular view but also boasts of using sustainable green architecture and design to complete its structure. Solar panels and a wind- powered well are just some of the highlights this home made use of. Continue reading »

Reinvented Samurai HOUSE comes to life

House S - "Samurai House"

House S between bamboo, pine and zelkova trees - photo © Daici Ano

Sitting in what was once a samurai residence is a very tranquil yet modern looking house known as the House S. This home was designed by a Japanese firm called Keiji Ashizawa Design. It is located in a quiet residential area in Tokyo amidst tall pine and zelkova trees. All the greenery surrounding the area paved the way for much of the house’s design. Pocket gardens were situated on each floor of the house, bringing in the greenery from its surroundings. The huge landscape that flank the surroundings provide shade and privacy as well. Continue reading »

SLEEPY- The Perfect Bed for Maximum Comfort

SLEEPY bed by night

SLEEPY bed by Angelo Tomaiuolo for Tonin Casa

Anyone who takes a look at SLEEPY bed will definitely want to get lost in it. Designer Angelo Tomaiuolo, an Italian architect, certainly knows how to lure people to sleep. Its form and design makes this ideal for modern or contemporary homes. Produced by Tonin Casa, this piece has an all upholstered frame wrapped with fabric or eco-leather in various textures. Its headboard is raised at just the right height for maximum comfort. Continue reading »