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Lola Light Oak wood veneer

Oak Wood materials and veneer America has a great appearance with a size of about 40 inches (101.1 cm) and a diameter of 27.5 inches (70 cm) tall. Certainly would be comfortable using this lighting. Scandinavian light shade adds warmth to your decor in a room in the house, and it looks great at work too, on the conference table or above the seating area.

5 Architecture Collection of the best buildings this week

This is a collection of 5 best architectural designs this week :

1. Transparent buildings Contemporary artists :

Architectural Design buildings that are used to the idea of ​​asking the competition Malkovich Atelier studio making innovative and functional designs for most contemporary artists. that must be addressed in changes to both their role in society and the methods used when they work. Collection winning designs are built in a small pavilion with a typical scale of 1:02 – both building and model.

Rainbow House children with Trap Doors & Secret Slides by AB Rogers and DA Studio

This is one dream house for the children’s work DA Studio and AB Rogers, At first glance this looks like a house with a colorful rainbow with a secret door, slide the bridge floor with multi-colored spiral staircase to the air circulation inside. unique form of interior decoration as well as interactive. Stepping in from the streets much like walking in a fantasy of looking glass or cabinet frame.
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